Mountaire Chickin Pickin' Contest
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Mountaire's Chickin' Pickin' Contest

Date: July 29, 2017
The 7th Annual Mountaire's Chickin' Pickin' Contest.
Delmarva’s 2017 Contest Begins Saturday, July 29th at 3:00 p.m. at the Delaware State Fair Entertainment Tent.
So what is Mountaire Chickin’ Pickin’? It’s a contest of speed, skill and strategy. We are looking to find the person who can pick and shred the most meat from our oven roasted chicken(s) in a 5 minute time frame. Contestants will have access to an unlimited amount of ‘birds, HOWEVER, they must pick and shred all the meat and skin from a single ‘bird before moving on to a new one. That includes meat from the breast, thighs, legs, wings and back. The picked meat is placed into a collection tray, which gets weighed at competition end to determine our winner. Contest judges are on hand to specify when a contestants ‘bird is deemed fully picked, and shredded, thus allowing them to start a new one. This process will go on for the entire (5) minutes. There can be zero bones or large chunks of meat in the collection tray. Such items will be removed before being weighed. FYI, the average person can pick a single bird clean in approx. 90 seconds.
All of our championship events feature 20 contestants who compete in one of four preliminary heats. Each heat has five contestants “picking” it out, with the winner advancing to the finals. Our four finalists will then compete in the National Championship round for the $500 Grand Prize and title of Mountaire Chickin’ Pickin’ Champion. Second place winners will receive $350, 3RD place $250, 4th place $150. To register as a contestant contact Roger Marino, 302-934-3123 or e-mail
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