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Coupon Book Registration - 2018

Seller Information: 'Blue Ribbon Guide to Savings'

The 2018 Blue Ribbon Guide to Savings is an excellent fundraiser for your non-profit organization or school. The Blue Ribbon Guide to Savings includes over $2,400 in total savings, offering coupons to some of your favorite stops throughout the fairgrounds priced at $10 per book.

Your group earns 50% of each book sold ($5) with no extra fees or costs. Books may be picked up starting immediately and all earnings or unsold books must be returned by June 30th. Please see the information sheet below for further details. If you are interested in selling the books, please complete the registration form below.

For more information, please see below, "Coupon Book Information".

Coupon Book Registration
2018 Blue Ribbon Guide to Savings - Registration Form

Coupon Book Information

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