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The price of energy is getting ridiculous out there. We have all been feeling the pinch of higher bills and cooler homes as we try to stretch what we have further. I never thought these old, knitted blankets my grandmother made would see the light of day again, but it’s 2022 and anything goes! But did you know that around 18% of household heat is lost through uncovered windows? That’s not so hot. So how can you be savvy about saving heat in the home whilst also improving your sleep? It sounds too good to be true but read on to learn more about BlocOut Blackout Blinds in your home.

Blackout Blinds: What Do They Do?

By now, we all know what the core function of a UNITEC blackout blind is. It is to effectively reduce light intrusion creating near-complete darkness, preventing unwanted light-leak when we need to rest. This, combined with noise and vibration reduction from the outside, is what makes a BlocOut blackout system an incredible sleep aid, no matter when or how you sleep. However, it is perhaps less well known that BlocOut blinds can reduce your energy bills as well. The same qualities that help BlocOut make your home more comfortable for sleep can also cut down on what you spend to heat and cool your home at different times of the year.


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