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Can I stack different kinds or folding table tops on each other? collapsible tables?

It is not recommended to stack different kinds of folding tables over each the other is not advised as the legs and the table's surface may be damaged. In addition, stacking tables of different kinds can cause the stack to become unstable and lean towards the other side, which could create the potential for injury.

What are the disadvantages to folding tables?

Tables that fold up, like any other item that is movable they are at a higher risk of failure when in comparison to fixed alternatives. But the mechanisms that support the tables are designed to last and specifically designed to be used frequently. Another aspect to take into consideration is the amount of weight that the table can safely support. When joints are supported by nuts and bolts, they may not be as durable like two sections of metal that are welded. If you are putting massive loads on the surface make sure you check the limitations with the manufacturer to confirm that they're safe.

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