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Results will be posted shortly after the 2022 Fair.


Beef Cattle Results
Dairy Cattle Results
Goat Results
Horse and Pony Results
Poultry and Rabbit Results
Sheep Results
Swine Results


4-H Results
FFA Results
Arts and Crafts Results
Children Results
Culinary Results
Farm Fruit and Apiary Results
Flower Results
Garden Vegetable Results
Needlework Results


Button Craft Results
Duct Tape Results
Jazzy Jar Results
Shoebox Floats Results
Lego Model Results
Grand Bar Cookie Results
Crazy Over Cupcakes Results
Blueberry Blowout Results
Kids Using Cake Mix Results
Peach Recipe Results 
Creative Cooking for Kids Results
Friday Pie Day Results
Chocolate Temptation Results
Ice Cream Making Contest
Hat Decorating Results
Think Pink Results
Flower Arranging Results
Horse Pull Results
Horseshoe Pitching Results
Pretty Animal Contest Results
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