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JULY 26, 2022 @ 7:30PM

M&T Bank Grandstand

$20 Grandstand

$25 Stadium

$35 Track

$60 Pit

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Trusting his instincts and leaning into his faith spurred this veteran artist to make the
most personal album of his career with The Elements. “I let go of worrying about the
charts and if I’m good enough - things that come along with the business of artistry,”
TobyMac says of his new approach. “The most important thing to me now is when I
walk into a studio to record a song ‘does it make you feel something?’ And, is there a
reason for it to exist in this world?"

Processing life as an artist, husband and father of five has continually fueled his work
and made TobyMac one of the most successful innovators in any genre of music with 7
GRAMMY® Awards, 6 Gold Records from his solo career, an American Music award,
twice named Artist of the year at the Dove awards, BMI songwriter of the year and
numerous other accolades to his credit. “I just need U.,” the lead single from The
Elements, spent 12 weeks at the top of the charts making it the fastest charting single of
his career. “I knew it was something fresh for me from a lyrical standpoint,” he says. “I
knew it was intriguing and said exactly what I wanted to say. There’s depth and maturity
to it. At some point, you have to look up and say, ‘If I’m not offering people some
wisdom from the journey that I’ve been on, then I might as well hang up the cleats.’ It’s
my responsibility to offer people wisdom from the road I’ve traveled. That’s what I’m
supposed to do. I have to depth to offer right now.”
TobyMac admits that in the past he’s been “the king of the features,” as he usually
includes multiple special guests on his albums, but The Elements is different. “I do truly
love collaboration,” he says, “but these songs are so personal, it was hard for me to
imagine someone else singing the lyrics.”
Among the most personal songs on the record, and one of TobyMac’s very favorites, is
“Scars.” “I love ‘Scars.’ It is a different melody for me. It was kind of cool to keep it real
low key,” he says. “It’s the closest song to me on the record. I had a few people in mind
when I wrote it, but subconsciously I started focusing on my first-born son. For the first
time in my life I found myself sending ships of out the harbor--up to now our family and
home have been the harbor. The people I love the most are going out there facing all
the pain, struggle and temptation this crazy world brings. It can be so hard to watch. I’m
very aware of the scars that come with life’s journey but sometimes we insulate those
from our children—so to see them go out and there and do this real world is painful. I
wanted to let him know that I’m here for him and even bigger than that, God is there for
him. You are not alone—so lift your head up my son—to where your help comes from.”
“Starts with Me” is one of those very personal offerings, and yet he knew it would be
even stronger with another voice. He invited Aaron Cole to join in and each man shares
their unique perspective on race and family legacy. “I think that coming from both
perspectives is important,” he notes. “We say some bold things about how we’re all
reared, and about the households we were raised in. The type of things that were
passed down to us from generation to generation. We weren’t shy about saying exactly
what we both experienced, but at the end of the day we agreed on the importance of
confession, repentance, and forgiveness. And it has to start with me. I really believe that
individual change leads to societal change--relationships with people who are not like
us is where the change begins. These relationships are not the sole answer, but they will
lead us to the answers. That is how we will change the culture.”
For everyone out there in the world braving the elements, TobyMac has served up a
musical invitation to stand firm and let go of the worry that can beat a soul down. To
find strength in faith and love in family. “I want to write songs that move people toward
each other, out of isolation and into dialog, I want to encourage people to rise up
against the elements”



Red Street Records artist, Cade Thompson, is an energetic and soulful Contemporary Christian music artist with a sound that appeals to believers and mainstream pop audiences alike. Cade’s effortless style promotes his personal musical influences, which draws heavily from the church. Cade has an admirable ability to transform his thoughts and faith into a powerful collection of melodies and lyrics that inspire people of all ages to step into all that God has for them. Cade has had an affinity with music since his toddler days when even a preschool teacher noticed him frequently harmonizing early on, and eventually progressed through piano, guitar and drum lessons. After joining the youth worship team in 6th grade, a music mentor came into his life who emphasized the importance of seeking God through the Bible outside of a worship setting. This understanding placed Cade on a deeper course of encountering the love of the Father and seeking His presence more intently. In these early teen years, Cade knew God was calling him into music ministry and giving him opportunities to grow in that calling. God has continued to reveal Cade’s heart, the outpouring has resulted in a strong connection to his generation sonically and lyrically. Shortly after finishing high school, Cade moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Following his move, Cade signed a record deal with Red Street Records, an independent Christian label founded by Rascal Flatts member, Jay DeMarcus. In February of 2020, Cade made waves across the Christian music community with the release of his debut single, “Provider”. In August of 2020, Cade earned his first Top 20 Billboard charting single, with the release of his second radio single, “Every Step of the Way”. He has also seen huge success online, where his music has earned over thirty million streams to date. Cade hit the ground running in 2021, with a lineup of shows across the nation opening for some of CCM’s biggest names: Crowder, Big Daddy Weave, We The Kingdom, and Micah Tyler. Cade’s debut album, Bigger Story, was released on September 10th , 2021.