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JULY 18 - 27, 2024

JULY 18 - 27, 2024



Delaware State Fair


Dear Concessionaire/Vendor:

Our application forms are now available as fillable forms online for convenience. These forms can be completed online, saved, printed, and sent via mail, email, or fax to myself. New applicants are required to complete the entire application and present CURRENT, COLOR photos of proposed space presentation.

​Our Concessions Manual, Rules & Regulations Manual, and insurance instructions are available below.  The manuals will provide a great deal of information concerning our Fair and will help answer many of your questions. Minor updates and corrections are made from time to time. We will attempt to notify all concessionaires of any major changes and we will note the date that the manual was updated online.

​Thank you for your interest in the Delaware State Fair! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (302) 398-7005 or robin@thestatefair.net.



Rentals & Concessions Manager

Concessions Application

Please note this is NOT an offer of space. Do NOT send money with the application; deposit will be due at issuance of license agreement. Please complete all information!

SOCIAL MEDIA: Please list all social media accounts associated with your business.


Price range of products or services to be sold or offered:


SPACE REQUEST: please mark next to the type of space you would be interested in.

*1-15amp electric outlet included with space

Outside 15' minimum space requirement

Three (3) fairs or events recently participated in (please note you should not provide family references):
Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3

INCLUDE WITH APPLICATION: Any literature pertaining to your product: current color photograph, sketch, plans or drawing of your proposed exhibit/concession structure, area and/or display, as well as a diagram of your electrical requirements. Photographs or plans of display submitted with application must match the display on site during 2022 Delaware State Fair. This information must be returned with your application to be considered complete. Your application will not be considered without a recent photograph of your exhibit or concession. Food Vendors MUST include FULL MENU WITH PRICING.

The applicant understands that this is an application for space ONLY, and is NOT a license agreement with the Delaware State Fair. If you are accepted, you will be contacted and an agreement will be issued with further instructions. Applicant certifies that information stated in this application is complete and true, and that applicant has read, understands and agrees to abide by all rules, policies and regulations set forth in the Concessionaire's Manual and Rules & Regulations.
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