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JULY 18 - 27, 2024

JULY 18 - 27, 2024


Fair Time Camping


Camping during the 10 days of Fair is a unique experience for Exhibitors and patrons. The Fair has over 300 camping spaces with water and electric hookups. Applications for new campers are accepted beginning January 15th of each year. Please make sure to review this section and the Rules and Regulations prior to applying for a new contract. Once you are awarded a contract, you will be offered that contract year to year until you decide to give it up. You are no longer required to be a livestock exhibitor in order to camp at the Fair, however, livestock exhibitors are given first priority when new contracts are awarded.

The order in which camper contracts will initially be awarded on or about April 1st of each year is as follows:

  1. Livestock Exhibitors – Chosen based on the following criteria:
      a. Number of exhibitors staying in the camper, age of the exhibitors, length of time showing at the Fair; and
     Distance from home/farm to the Delaware State Fairgrounds; and
      c. Species and number of each species being shown at this year’s Fair.

  2. Fair Volunteers (does not include those volunteering for other organizations on the Fairgrounds)

  3. Non-Livestock Exhibitors/Competitive Exhibitors

  4. General Fair Patrons/All Others

The first round of contracts will be awarded on or about April 1st of each year according to the above criteria and any subsequent openings will be awarded on a rolling basis without regard to exhibitor status.

A few things you should know before applying:

  1. If you are a livestock exhibitor and new to camping, you are encouraged to make sure that you apply on or before March 1st of each year in order to receive preferential consideration for the April 1st awards.

  2. If you were not awarded a camping spot in a previous year, you must apply again this year. Previous year’s applications are NOT carried forward into future years on a waiting list.

  3. The initial award of new camping contracts based on application received before March 1st will be awarded on or about April 1st and any camping vacancies that exist after April 1st will be filled on a rolling basis as applications are received without regard to exhibitor status.

  4. All camper contracts are issued for the current Fair only.

  5. The Fair does not guarantee specific camper lot numbers year to year. Your lot number will be assigned by the Grove Committee Chairperson when you bring your camper to the grounds for camper parking.

  6. Camper parking occurs the weekend before the start of Fair (typically Friday & Saturday).
    You MUST be able to bring your camper at your assigned date/time in order to qualify for a camping spot. You will receive a camper lot assignment letter in early July informing you of your initial lot assignment (your actual lot number will be assigned the day you park your camper).

  7. Your base camper contract fee covers your space and water for the 10 days of Fair only. You are required to pay for your electric (30/50 amp) in addition to your base spot fee. If you require additional days of electric service, those may be purchased on a per day basis. If you do not pay for extra electric, your camper electric may be turned on at 8AM on the first day of Fair.

  8. Every camper contract comes with two (2) complimentary 10-day adult gate admission passes that can be picked up at the Credentials Trailer beginning the Monday before Fair.
    For Credentials Trailer hours, please contact 302-398-3269.

  9. Your camper may not be removed from the grounds until the ferris wheel light goes off on the last night of the Fair. All campers must be unplugged by the Sunday after Fair and all campers must be removed no later than the Monday after Fair unless arrangements are made with the administrative staff.

  10. See below for the current fee schedule (subject to change):


Exhibitors are permitted to bring golf carts to the grounds only if they require them for a medical reason. They must receive approval from administrative staff and must go through the process outlined below in order to obtain the required permit for a golf cart during Fair time.

​In order to qualify for a golf cart permit, the following must criteria must be met:

  1. The patron requesting the permit must be camping on the grounds.

  2. The patron must produce a doctors note indicating that the use of a golf cart is needed (it does NOT need to state a specific medical condition).

  3. The patron must provide a Certificate of Insurance showing The Delaware State Fair, Inc. as an Additional Insured and it must show coverage of $1,000,000 General Liability insurance.

  4. The patron must pay the $300 non-refundable permit fee.

  5. The cart may only move around the grounds when the permitted patron is driving or is the passenger.

  6. The cart MUST BE parked at the camper daily from 3PM-10PM during our Golf Cart Embargoed hours.

  7. The patron must follow all routes and rules regarding the golf cart’s use on the grounds or they will be discharged from the grounds and will forfeit all fees paid.

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