Centre Ice Arena

"Cool Fun for Everyone"

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The Centre Ice Arena makes your child the star of the rink with one of our various skating party packages. 


Tableware:  The tableware and paper products that we provide are all solid colors.  If you have a specific theme that you would like to use, please contact the Party Coordinator in advance in order to set up a time to drop off those supplies. Custom decorations should be dropped off to the Centre Ice Arena at least 24 hours prior to your party, so our party hostess can set everything up for you!  We ask that nothing be attached to the walls, nor the ceiling.  


Gratuity: 15% Gratuity added to the remaining balance of the party for our party hostess


Deposit: $75 non-refundable deposit is required at time of online booking. ALL BIRTHDAY PARTY DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND MUST BE RECEIVED AT TIME OF BOOKING.

Add On's: goodie bags, lessons, Bumper Cars ($5 for 1 ride per person) and more can be added onto any package. You can add these while you book online or during the confirmation call.  

Absolutely NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS are permitted with the exception of the birthday cake. 

For more information, please call 302.398.5900 ext. 322 or email  

Birthday Party Packages

FRI. 7:30PM - 10:00PM

SAT. 11:00AM - 1:30PM

SAT. 7:00PM - 9:30PM

SUN. 11:00AM - 1:30PM




  • Skate rental & admission for 8 guests including birthday child

  • $20 per any additional guest (limit of 5 additional guests)

  • One (1) Large, 16” cheese pizza

  • Three (3) pitchers of fountain drinks

  • A party bag for each guest

  • A decorated designated party area

  • A party hostess to assist you




  • Skate rental & admission for 16 guests including birthday child

  • $20 per any additional guest (limit of 5 additional guests)

  • Four (4) Large, 16” pizza

  • Unlimited pitchers of fountain drinks

  • A party bag for each guest

  • A balloon bouquet

  • A Zamboni ride for the birthday child

  • A decorated designated party area

  • A party hostess to assist you


You can add Bumper Cars to any of our party packages! $5 per ride!


VIP Parties can be held for 50 Guests!
Skating Only Party


Skating AND Bumper Car Party

Please call 302-398-5900 for available dates and times.

 Not available to be booked online.




  • Do you provide the tableware for the party?

    • Yes, we do provide all tableware and a balloon bouquet; however, if you have specific themed party supplies you wish to use, they must be dropped off 24 hours prior to the party.

  • Do we have a choice in colors?

    • You give us 3 color preferences during the booking process and we do our best accommodate based upon availability.

  • Are we able to bring in other balloons?

    • Yes, other balloons can be brought with you on the day of the party.

  • Can we have confetti?

    • No, we do not allow confetti for the parties.



  • Do you provide a cake?

    • No, all cake/cupcakes must be provided by the party family.

  • Does the cake have to be there early?

    • No, the cake can be brought with you on the day of the party.

  • Do you provide ice cream?

    • No, and the only ice-cream allowed is ice-cream cake.

  • Can we bring other food and drinks (chips, 2 liters, etc.)?

    • No, no outside food or beverages are permitted at any time.

  • Can I order extra food packages?

    • Yes, extra food can be ordered. See the additional party platters form.

  • What kind of pizza does the rink provide?

    • Just a standard cheese or pepperoni pizza.

  • What kind of drinks does the rink have?

    • Pepsi products; Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Sierra Mist, Birch Beer, Tropical Punch, and Water.

  • What drinks do you have besides soda?

    • We do have bottles of Apple Juice and Orange juice as well as bottled water that can be either added to the party bill or bought individually at the snack bar.

Party Room/Ice Time

  • Are we in the party room the entire time?

    • Yes, the party room is reserved for the party beginning 30 minutes prior to the skate until the skate is over.

  • Are we guaranteed a private party room?

    • No, we guarantee a party area which is in a room that can be split with up to 2 other parties.

  • What kinds of tables do you use/how big are they?

    • We use a plastic white table that seats 8 people around it.

  • Do you decorate the room or do the party parents do it?

    • The hostess is in charge of both setting up and cleaning up the room.

  • Can we come in and have a party in the lobby?

    • No, not on any occasion is a party in the lobby acceptable. (unless doing a party through one of our priced party packages)

  • Is it private or public ice?

    • The ice time is provided during public ice hours unless the party is a privately booked VIP party on specific dates.

  • Can I buy additional ice time?

    • No, unfortunately, the ice time is only available during public skate times.


Payment /Date

  • Does my deposit go towards the cost of my party?

    • Yes, it does.

  • Is it possible to move the date of my party?

    • Of course as long as there are not two parties already booked on the date in question, it is always possible to move a party.


Guest List

  • Are adults included in the guest list?

    • Only if they are skating AND you are paying for them at the special $10.00 rate. If you do not wish to pay for adult skaters, simply do not add them to your guest list and they will have to pay the normal rates for the day in question at the front counter.

  • Can I add additional skaters on the day of the party?

    • Yes. Additional children are added at the cost quoted in the pamphlet and adult skaters can be added for $10.00

  • Is there an age limit on the kids skating?

    • No. We do not have an age limit, however, children ages 7 and younger are required to wear a helmet during public skate.




  • What does the party hostess actually do?

    • The party hostess is in charge of setting up the room, preparing your food, delivering the food, cleaning up after the party, and aiding you throughout the time of the party.

  • Do the kids get extra skate time?

    • No, the only skate time is during the public skates.

  • Is the Zamboni ride for all of the children?

    •  No it is just for the birthday child.

  • Is the lesson for all of the children?

    • Yes.