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Welcome to Fair Buzz!

Where we talk about all things happening at The Delaware State Fair! Thought our time ended in July? It does not! We have things happening here on the fairgrounds all year round! Tune in for our bi-weekly audio update and find out all the buzz happening here at Fair!


Episode 101: Holiday Shoppes

On this weeks episode we are talking with Kate Brown, our Rentals and Concessions Assistant here at the Fair. She'll be talking to us about the Holiday Shoppes being held here on October 16th and November 13th!


Episode 102: Centre Ice Arena

Welcome back to the Fair Buzz Audio update! This week we're talking about two programs that are happening at the Delaware State Fair Centre Ice Arena, Learn to Skate and Learn to Play! Tune in for more information!


Episode 103: Mark Your Calendars

Exciting news on this weeks episode of the Fair Buzz Audio Update! We're talking about a few dates you will definitely want to put on your calendars, tune in and hear what all the buzz is about!


Episode 104: Concert On Sale

Episode 104 of the Fair Buzz Audio Update! We're talking about our first Concert On Sale for the 2022 Delaware Lottery Summer Concert Series and our last two stops of the 2021 Holiday Prize Tour!


Episode 105: Holiday Season

Looking for some winter activities? Tune in to this weeks Fair Buzz to hear about some of the holiday family fun you can have at the Centre Ice Arena! Ice skating and drinking hot chocolate? Bumper cars on ice? Pro ice hockey games? If any of that sounds fun, you'll want to check out the Centre Ice Arena.


Episode 106: Happy Holidays and Thank You!

A short and sweet message for this weeks Fair Buzz episode. We've got some Christmas present ideas for you, and a special thank you to all those who joined us for the 2021 Delaware State Fair. Happy Holidays!

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